Jewels of Sinai | 16 Mb

Imagine a journey on foot from Ancient Egypt, across the Red Sea, through the burning desert sands to Mount Sinai where everything you need to survive the rigorous expedition is miraculously provided through the power of faith. Jewels of Sinai uniquely integrates the amazing Book of Exodus with fifty challenging levels of match-three puzzle gameplay to provide hours of interactive fun and learning for the whole family.
Unlock the mysteries of the Jewels of Sinai and witness the illuminating story of a peoples' incredible journey to freedom.

Captivating game environment with great detail and eye-catching colors and scenery.
Each new level unfolds another engaging chapter of the beautifully illustrated Bible story.
Grand power-ups such as the Swords of Justice and Pillar of Fire.
Exciting Lightning bonus eliminates 15-20 jewels at a time.

System requirements:
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
1 GHz

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